Saturday, October 20, 2007

first REAL celebrity sighting!!

I was in the city last weekend, getting tickets to a show from the boxoffice...which was a feat in itself since I got the address wrong (I said 40th and it was actually 46th) and that meant we got stuck horrendious in the traffic in Times Square so what should have been a quick 10 minute trip from the FIT dorms at 31st was an hour long ordeal!

ANYWAY...I am standing in line at the box office and there is a matinee going on in the theater. So they stop for a intermission and you can leave the theater during the break. So I'm standing there trying to will the person in front of me to hurry up because I've really gotta use the bathroom and...out walks Jenna Elfman!

I've only ever seen celebrities in the city when they have done in store appearances, I saw Lance Armstrong like that, and Hilary Duff (hehe) and that awesome skateboarder dude whose name escapes me at the moment and we saw Missy Higgins the other day (which by the way was AMAZING...we were about 5m away from her, she sung 5 songs and we didn't have to pay a darn thing! =)) SO yeh! I think i was more excited that i FINALLY saw a 'real' celebrity than the fact she was there! haha. It pretty much made the hour in traffic worth the effort!

For those who don't know Jenna Elfman was the girl who played Darma from Darma and Greg and she's been in some other movies too! What was really weird is that her voice sounded like what it does on tv and i recognized it! I know that sounds strange but i was like wow! haha, I didn't expect her to sound the same, stupid yeh but an odd realization! Here's a pic of her...

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