Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The Fall Out Against the War"

According to American Friends Service Committee, one day in the war in Iraq cost the USA $720 million. What could we do with this money? In an estimate in which the war has been going for four years we have spent $10,151,200 million dollars on this war. Yet there are kids in America without enough to eat, a roof over their head or health insurance.
Today, October 27 there will be 11 rallies around the country to draw attention to the fact that the war is becoming more and more unpopular. Since the war begun in 2003 we have lost 3,839 American Soldiers, 303 Coalition Soldiers and an estimated 1,096,367 Iraqi Civilians (www.

The government has all but successfully implemented a law stating that it is illegal for non-approved individuals to photograph the coffins of the soldiers returning home, almost as to shelter the public from the reality of the situation. It was written up in the Washington Times by Bruce Fein on Oct. 2nd.

Our world is definitely different from what it was on September 10, 2001....we have given up many of our basic security rights to protect ourselves from the threat of terrorism. Since that infamous day when we lost 2,974 people (and 24 are still listed as missing) we have sacrificed 3,839 in retaliation. And yet there is no end in sight...
Here is the link to the march today:

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