Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So last friday after I finished work at the Women's Bureau I was aimlessly wandering around Soho enjoying myself. Not only did i accidently stumble across one of the girlprops stores...they sell really cheap fun jewllery --> BUT i also saw Andre J. wandering around!! He had on a big white coat and knee high boots and looked amazing! Although I was kinda disappointed he didn't have his big affro, his hair was all short but he still had is beard!! it certianly made my day!! here's a pic with his hair...

He was in the nytimes style section only a few weeks back, heres the article:
His youtube style tips on skinny jeans:
And finally, the cover of the French Vogue this November!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life is busy..

So life is reallly busy at the moment! There are papers and exams and presentations and events to run! Not to mention job interviews, my internship, research and oh my gosh! a social life?
Had the induction for Golden Key last week, as well as the Scholarship event...both went well which was a huge relief!

Today I went to the opening game of the Pirates at their new center! Seton Hall vs. Monmoth. It was a pretty good game -- slow to start but we eventually won in overtime! woohoo! The center itself is really nice, all clean and shiny! Seats weren't too bad either!

Next weekend I have the Business Today Conference; Got my case study today...its about Nike. I am meant to work on it before I go to the conference however due to the insanity of this week (3 papers, 2 meetings, 1 assignment, research, internship, dentist and a quiz or two on top of the normal craziness) I probably will not get around to looking at it until the weekend. But hopefully it will be a good experience, hopefully it is filled with some wonderful people like the ASA Honors Program was. that was a good time! Which reminds me i have to register for the ESA Conference!

Monday, October 29, 2007

they don't call it broadway for nothing..

Yesterday, Diana, Meish and I went and saw the "Cyrano de Bergerac" in NYC. It was a story about a poet with a big nose (the Cyrano de Bergerac) who falls in love with a girl. He thinks she could never love him with his big nose and so he gets a beautiful man to woo the girl with his poetic words. It was actually kinda sad which is a shame since i thought it was meant to be a comedy...haha...donno how i got that mixed up!
ANYWAY...the reason we went along is that it started Kevin Klein and Jennifer Garner!! Meish had to scurry off to work but Diana and I waited at the stage door to meet Jennifer Garner! She was really nice and took time to autograph something for everyone...Diana got her Alais books signed and me well, i lost my playbill and so she signed my train timetable! haha. oh dear! hehee. but it was fun none the less! I must admit i was a bit sceptical about how pretty movie stars are in real life after all the make up and whatnot they have but she was really pretty in real life! that surprised me.
Please note the side of Diana's head next to me! haha

Happily signing train timetables! =)

so that was the funnnn adventure of Sunday! And on Saturday night Helen and Stefany (family friends) took me to the opening night of the NJ Devils (ice-hockey for you non-jersey people) in their new Prudential Arena! It was very fancy, Stefany got tickets from her boss so we got to go in the box (thank you Commerce Bank!) which was lovely. The arena isn't as homey as the old one, but at least they didnt change the opening music and other basic things like that! so that was also WAY fun! =)

Now if i could just get this deviance and conformity essay written in the next 30 minutes so that i can get on with everything else that should have been done and has not yet been done!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The Fall Out Against the War"

According to American Friends Service Committee, one day in the war in Iraq cost the USA $720 million. What could we do with this money? In an estimate in which the war has been going for four years we have spent $10,151,200 million dollars on this war. Yet there are kids in America without enough to eat, a roof over their head or health insurance.
Today, October 27 there will be 11 rallies around the country to draw attention to the fact that the war is becoming more and more unpopular. Since the war begun in 2003 we have lost 3,839 American Soldiers, 303 Coalition Soldiers and an estimated 1,096,367 Iraqi Civilians (www.

The government has all but successfully implemented a law stating that it is illegal for non-approved individuals to photograph the coffins of the soldiers returning home, almost as to shelter the public from the reality of the situation. It was written up in the Washington Times by Bruce Fein on Oct. 2nd.

Our world is definitely different from what it was on September 10, 2001....we have given up many of our basic security rights to protect ourselves from the threat of terrorism. Since that infamous day when we lost 2,974 people (and 24 are still listed as missing) we have sacrificed 3,839 in retaliation. And yet there is no end in sight...
Here is the link to the march today:

(the photo comes from

Saturday, October 20, 2007

first REAL celebrity sighting!!

I was in the city last weekend, getting tickets to a show from the boxoffice...which was a feat in itself since I got the address wrong (I said 40th and it was actually 46th) and that meant we got stuck horrendious in the traffic in Times Square so what should have been a quick 10 minute trip from the FIT dorms at 31st was an hour long ordeal!

ANYWAY...I am standing in line at the box office and there is a matinee going on in the theater. So they stop for a intermission and you can leave the theater during the break. So I'm standing there trying to will the person in front of me to hurry up because I've really gotta use the bathroom and...out walks Jenna Elfman!

I've only ever seen celebrities in the city when they have done in store appearances, I saw Lance Armstrong like that, and Hilary Duff (hehe) and that awesome skateboarder dude whose name escapes me at the moment and we saw Missy Higgins the other day (which by the way was AMAZING...we were about 5m away from her, she sung 5 songs and we didn't have to pay a darn thing! =)) SO yeh! I think i was more excited that i FINALLY saw a 'real' celebrity than the fact she was there! haha. It pretty much made the hour in traffic worth the effort!

For those who don't know Jenna Elfman was the girl who played Darma from Darma and Greg and she's been in some other movies too! What was really weird is that her voice sounded like what it does on tv and i recognized it! I know that sounds strange but i was like wow! haha, I didn't expect her to sound the same, stupid yeh but an odd realization! Here's a pic of her...