Monday, October 29, 2007

they don't call it broadway for nothing..

Yesterday, Diana, Meish and I went and saw the "Cyrano de Bergerac" in NYC. It was a story about a poet with a big nose (the Cyrano de Bergerac) who falls in love with a girl. He thinks she could never love him with his big nose and so he gets a beautiful man to woo the girl with his poetic words. It was actually kinda sad which is a shame since i thought it was meant to be a comedy...haha...donno how i got that mixed up!
ANYWAY...the reason we went along is that it started Kevin Klein and Jennifer Garner!! Meish had to scurry off to work but Diana and I waited at the stage door to meet Jennifer Garner! She was really nice and took time to autograph something for everyone...Diana got her Alais books signed and me well, i lost my playbill and so she signed my train timetable! haha. oh dear! hehee. but it was fun none the less! I must admit i was a bit sceptical about how pretty movie stars are in real life after all the make up and whatnot they have but she was really pretty in real life! that surprised me.
Please note the side of Diana's head next to me! haha

Happily signing train timetables! =)

so that was the funnnn adventure of Sunday! And on Saturday night Helen and Stefany (family friends) took me to the opening night of the NJ Devils (ice-hockey for you non-jersey people) in their new Prudential Arena! It was very fancy, Stefany got tickets from her boss so we got to go in the box (thank you Commerce Bank!) which was lovely. The arena isn't as homey as the old one, but at least they didnt change the opening music and other basic things like that! so that was also WAY fun! =)

Now if i could just get this deviance and conformity essay written in the next 30 minutes so that i can get on with everything else that should have been done and has not yet been done!!

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