Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life is busy..

So life is reallly busy at the moment! There are papers and exams and presentations and events to run! Not to mention job interviews, my internship, research and oh my gosh! a social life?
Had the induction for Golden Key last week, as well as the Scholarship event...both went well which was a huge relief!

Today I went to the opening game of the Pirates at their new center! Seton Hall vs. Monmoth. It was a pretty good game -- slow to start but we eventually won in overtime! woohoo! The center itself is really nice, all clean and shiny! Seats weren't too bad either!

Next weekend I have the Business Today Conference; Got my case study today...its about Nike. I am meant to work on it before I go to the conference however due to the insanity of this week (3 papers, 2 meetings, 1 assignment, research, internship, dentist and a quiz or two on top of the normal craziness) I probably will not get around to looking at it until the weekend. But hopefully it will be a good experience, hopefully it is filled with some wonderful people like the ASA Honors Program was. that was a good time! Which reminds me i have to register for the ESA Conference!

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